Balephi Hydropower Local IPO From Magh 27

Balephi Hydropower Local IPO

Balephi Hydropower is issuing Initial Public Offering (IPO) for project-affected areas from Magh 27 to 12 Falgun. The company is issuing 10,96,782 units (60% of total issue) to the locals. The early closing date of IPO is 12th Falgun however, the date will be extended up to Falgun 27, if not fully subscribed. 

The company has 1,82,79,700 registered shares. Out of which 3,655,940 shares (20% of paid-up capital) will be issued to the public (Locals & General Public). The public share will be issued in two phases. In first phase, the 60% of shares will be issued to local and rest of the share will be issued to general public in second phase.

IPO Highlights 

  • Total IPO: 18,27,970 units
  • IPO For locals: 10,96,782 units
  • Rate: 100/share
  • Issued to: Locals
  • Date: Magh 27 – Falgun 12, 2078
  • How much can apply: 10 units – 1,00,000 units
  • Issue Manager: Global IME Capital 
  • Rating: [ICRANP-IR] BB (Rating indicates medium fundamentals)

Project-affected areas? 

Following are the affected areas –

  1. Jugal Rural Municipality – Ward No. 2,3,4, 5,6 
  2. Balephi Rural Municipality –  Ward No. 1,3,6,7
  3. Sunkoshi Rural Municipality – Ward No. 7 

How to Apply? 

Applicants can apply from the following CASBA Banks and thier branches

  1. Kumari Bank – Jalbire Brancha 
  2. NCC Bank – Bande Branch
  3. GLobal IME Bank – Chautara Branch
  4. Laxmi Bank – Chautara & Khadichaur Branch

Besides these banks, applicants ca apply from all the CASBA registred banks and financial institution from all across the country. 

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