Best Finance Company In Terms of EPS (FY Q4 2078/79)

Best Finance Company In Terms of EPS

Best Finance Company In Terms of EPS

Finance companies are “C” class BFIs licensed by Nepal Ratra Bank. As of now, there are 15 listed finance companies in Nepal. Finance companies are established with the objective of providing financing service to the small to medium projects.

Which is best finance company in Nepal?

There is not exact answer to define that which finance company is best to invest. The performance of the companies varies along with the time. So, we have to make the right decision accordingly. There are various indicators to consider while making the investment decision. For example, nature of business, long term opportunities, Year to Year (Q to Q) growth, financial ratios, dividend capacity, price and many more.

In terms of Earnings Per Share (EPS), Best finance company seems to have highest EPS. BFC has Rs. 20.17 (As per Q4 FY 78/79) EPS followed by the goodwill finance with EPS Rs. 19.93.

Best Finance CompanyBFC20.17
Goodwill FinanceGFCL19.93
ICFC Finance LimitedICFC17.81
Gurkhas FinanceGUFL10.61
Guheswori Merchant BankGMFIL10.31
Pokhara FinancePFL9.73
Shree Investment FinanceSIFC9.59
Manjushree FinanceMFIL8.02
Central FinanceCFCL6.79
Janaki FinanceJFL6.24
Progressive Finance PROFL5.91
Nepal FinanceNFS5.79
Reliance FinanceRLFL1.71
Multipurpose Finance CompanyMPFL0.9
Samriddhi Finance CompanySFCL0.79

Note – The above EPS report is based on the unaudited report of the 4th quarter (FY 2078/79). This data may change after the final audit. The list contains only those companies which are listed in NEPSE.

Disclaimer – Investment is subject to market risk. Investors are advised to consider other crucial factors while making investment decisions.  

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