List of Broker Offices in Birgunj – Birgunj Broker List

Broker Offices in Birgunj

As of 2023, there are 50 registered stocker brokers all across the country. Most of them are located in the Kathmandu valley. However, there are many stock broker companies that are providing services out of the Kathmandu valley.

If you are looking for stock broker in Birgunj, then here are the list of stock broker in Birgunj area.  These are not the ranking of brokers but only the list of broker offices.

Broker Offices in Birgunj

1. Primo Securities Private Limited

2. Naasa Securities

  • Vibor Society Building, Aadarshanagar, Birgunj
  • Broker Number – 58
  • Phone – 051-534340, 591341
  • Email –
  • Web –

How Many Brokers Are There in Birgunj?

As of 2023, there are only 2 stock brokers in Birgunj. They are providing brokerage service in Birgunj. All the brokerage offices details are mentioned above and below this post. You can contact and open the broker account in the nearest broker office.

Which Broker is Best in Birgunj?

There are not any criteria that measure the good and bad brokers. All brokers try to provide the best services to their clients. One major thing to consider while picking up a broker is you have to choose the nearest possible broker. So that, you can reach the broker office physically when needed.

Why Broker is Needed?

In order to buy and sell the stock in NEPSE, you need middlemen to execute the trade; such middlemen are known as ‘stock brokers’. The role of a stock broker is to facilitate the buying and selling of stocks at the stock markets, on behalf of investors. There are 50 registered stock brokerage firms in Nepal through which you can trade in stock exchanges.

Broker Offices in Birgunj in Table

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