What is IPO and How to Apply Online From Mero Share

Everything You Need to Know About (IPO) Initial Public Offering in Nepal

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. A public company can issue an IPO to the general public to collect the money. The money is raised from the general public as an equity... Read more »
Highest Tax Paying Companies in Nepal

Highest Tax Paying Companies in Nepal in FY 2077/78

Nepal Doorsanchar Company (NTC) – 9 Arba Ncell Axiata – 8 Arba Gorkha Brewery – 4 Arba 24 Crore Nabil Bank (NABIL) – 3 Arba 97 Crore NIC Asia Bank. (NICA) –... Read more »
Debenture in Nepal

How to Invest in Debenture in Nepal? Debenture in Nepal

The IPO  and shares have been emerging as favorable investment options in Nepal. But, overshadowed by IPO and shares, there is another better investment option: Debentures. Novice investors should also consider debentures... Read more »
50 Stock Market Terms to Know as Beginner

50 Stock Market Terms to Know as Beginner

Here are the 50 Stock Market terms prepared by Share Gyan Nepal for beginners. These are the basic terms for new investors who are looking for investing in the stock market. I... Read more »

List of Mutual Funds in Nepal – Mutual Fund FAQs

Mutual Fund Nowadays, many people are showing interest in the share markets and have started investing in mutual funds. If you have just stepped into the share market, then you must have... Read more »
Norvic hospital IPO

Norvic Hospital Went Public and Plans to Issue IPO

Norvic International Hospital has been converted into a public company. The company went public with the aim of providing efficient healthcare facilities in a wider range and expanding its business to a... Read more »
Kisan Lagubitta Bittiya Sanstha to Issue FPO

Kisan Lagubitta Bittiya Sanstha to Issue FPO

Kisan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (KLBSL) is going to issue Follow on Public Offer (FPO). A total of 12,98,259 units of the share will be issued on FPO. The company has submitted... Read more »