What is Auditing, Types & its Importance – Bank Notes

What is auditing? Auditing is the process of checking financial transactions, related documents, ledger, financial statement, and documents by employee of the company internally or chartered accountant (CA), and register auditor (RA)... Read more »
what is trial balance

What is Trial Balance ? Method and Examples

What is Trial Balance? In overall accounting process, trial balance sits right in the middle of book keeping and reporting as shown in the following figure. It works as bridge between input... Read more »

Balance Sheet & Major Heading of Balance Sheet in BFIs

What is Balance Sheet? Balance sheet is the financial statement that presents the capital, assets and liabilities of any organization of any point of time. Balance sheet shows the financial position of... Read more »
Functions Duties and Powers of the CEO

Functions Duties and Powers of the CEO – as per BAFIA 2073

As per the Bank and Financial Institution Act BAFIA 2073, section ’30’, following are the functions duties and Rights of the Chief Executive. (1) The functions, duties and powers of the Chief... Read more »
Loan Classification and Loan Loss Provision

Loan Classification & Loss Provision in Nepal – Updated Provision

Access Banking Notes – Banking Notes RBB IT level 5 model question – Old Questions Here is detailed article about loan classification and loan loss provision in Nepal. This article is updated... Read more »
banking system development in Nepal

Banking History in Nepal – Development of Banking System in Nepal

Banking History in Nepal The banking system development in Nepal began late compared to other developed countries. The official banking system was started in 1933 BS (1877 AD) with the establishment of... Read more »
banking system in Nepal

Concept of Banking System in Nepal

What is a Bank? A bank is an authorized financial institution which accepts deposits from public and provide loans. Two major functions of bank is accepting deposit and providing loans. A bank... Read more »
cash book and petty cash book

What is Cash Book and Petty Cash Book? Banking Notes

What is Cash Book? Cash book is the book of information prepared on the basis of financial transaction of cash inflow and cash outflow in given period of time. Cash book excludes... Read more »
double entry system

Double Entry System Concept – Banking Notes

What is Double Entry System? Double entry system is a system of book keeping which keep the financial transaction in debit and credit side. The double entry principle is first propounded by an... Read more »