accounting concept in nepali

Accounting System Introduction, Principles of Accounting

What is Account? Account is journal, ledger, cash book, book keeping, recording, of financial transaction. Account is also known as accounting or accounting system. What is Accounting (Accounting System)? Accounting is the... Read more »
What are Government securities in Nepal

Government Securities in Nepal (With Examples)

If you are doing banking preparation for competitive exam, then government securities is one of the topic that you need to know. Government securities can be asked in ADBL, NRB, NBL and... Read more »
electronic transaction act

Electronic Transaction Act 2063 Highlights – Bank Preparation Notes

What is an Electronic Transaction ? In simple term, as Electronic transaction is the transaction of electronic records, data  by using any kinds of electronic mediums. The transaction contains electronic records and valid... Read more »
company act

Company Act 2063 Highlights- For Banking Preparation

Company Act was first introduced in Nepal in 1993 BS. Company act covers wide range of provisions relating the incorporation, operating,  registering, winding up of an organization. The latest company act in... Read more »
Money Laundering & Prevention Act

Money Laundering Prevention Act 2064 – Highlights For Baking Preparation

What is Money Laundering? Money Laundering is the process of concealing the source of illicit property. It is the act of decorating illegal money with the veil of legitimate sources. Money laundering... Read more »

BAFIA 2073 Major Highlights/Summary – Banking Notes

Financial System of Nepal Following are the entities of the financial system of Nepal. Bank and financial institutions – Regulated by NRB Insurance companies – Regulated by Beema Samiti Capital Market –... Read more »
Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058

Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058 – Study Note For Bank Preparation

Nepal Rastra Bank Act was formulated for the first time in 2012 BS. Nepal Rastra Bank was established under this act in Baishakh 14, 2013  BS. Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2012 was... Read more »
SWOT Analysis of ADBL

SWOT Analysis of ADBL (Agricultural Development Bank Limited)

Agricultural Development Bank is the leading bank in the development of agriculture, cottage industry, small farmer lifestyle. In more than 50 years of banking service, ADBL has played viral role in the... Read more »

ADBL – Establishment, Development, Work Nature, Mission, Vision & Objectives

This article covers the following topics Establishment of Agriculture Development Bank Limited Development phases of Agriculture Development Bank Limited Mission, Vision and Objectives of Agriculture Development Bank Limited Organizational structure of Agriculture... Read more »
Fixed Deposit Interest Rate of Development Banks

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate of Development Banks in Nepal

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate of Development Banks Here is the latest and updated version of fixed deposit interest rates of the development bank of Nepal. You can compare the interest rate of... Read more »