Opening price range of balephi hydropower

What is Opening Price Range of Balephi Hydropower?

What is Opening Price Range of Balephi Hydropower? Opening Price Range of Balephi Hydropower is Rs. 93.64 to Rs. 280.92. This price range is determined as per the book value of the... Read more »
river falls local IPO

River Falls Power Local IPO Details – Opening Date Chaitra 27

River Falls Power Ltd is issuing an Initial Public Offering from Chaitra 27, 2078 to Baishakh 11, 2079. The company is set to issue 7,00,000 units of public share for local people... Read more »
Balephi Hydropower Local IPO

Balephi Hydropower Local IPO From Magh 27

Balephi Hydropower is issuing Initial Public Offering (IPO) for project-affected areas from Magh 27 to 12 Falgun. The company is issuing 10,96,782 units (60% of total issue) to the locals. The early... Read more »
emerging nepal ipo

Emerging Nepal Limited to Issue IPO From Magh 26, 2078

Emerging Nepal Limited is set to issue an Initial Public Offering from Magh 26, 2078. The company is issuing 5,55,600 units worth Rs 5.5 crore IPO for the general public. Out of... Read more »
Kalinchowk Darshan IPO

Kalinchowk Darshan to Issue IPO For Locals and General Public

Kalinchowk Darshan limited to issue an IPO for locals and the general public. The company is planning to issue 12 lakh units (12 crores) worth of public shares at the rate of... Read more »

Rastra Utthan Laghubitta IPO Details & Financial Highlights

Rastra Utthan Laghubitta Bitiya Sanstha Limited is a ‘D’ class financial institution licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. This microfinance was approved by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) for the issuance of... Read more »