Dividend History of Global IME Bank Limited

Dividend History of Global IME Bank

Dividend History of Global IME Bank

Global IME Bank LTD is a renowned commercial bank of Nepal. The bank was established in 2007 with the motto The Bank for All and the aim of providing entire commercial banking services all over Nepal.

Initially, Global IME Bank LTD was founded as  Global Bank Limited (GBL). The bank then merged with IME Financial Institution (a “C” class finance company), and Lord Buddha Finance Ltd. (a “C” class finance company) in the year 2012. After that, two more Development Banks (Social Development Bank and Gulmi Bikas Bank) merged with Global IME Bank Ltd.

The Global IME bank was established with the largest capital base at the time with a paid-up capital of NPR 1.0 billion. The bank’s paid-up capital has been increased to NPR 21.63 billion. The bank is now operating 287 branches, 48 extensions, and revenue collection counters, and 263 Branchless Banking facilities 252 ATMs spread throughout Nepal.

Global IME Bank has been awarded “The Bank of the Year Award 2014”  for Nepal by the Bankers Magazine (Publication of the Financial Times, UK), “Best Internet Bank 2016- Nepal” by International Finance Magazine, London, and “Best Employer Award 2018” by World HRD Congress, India.

Dividend History of Global IME Bank

Global IME Bank has provided consistent dividends to its shareholders in terms of both cash dividends and bonus shares. The following table shows the dividend history of Global IME Bank.


Fiscal Year Cash Dividend Bonus Share Total Dividend
2066/67 5 0 5
2067/68 5.35 6.67 12.02
2068/69 10 3 13
2069/70 0 15 15
2070/71 4 21 25
2071/72 0 23 23
2072/73 0 15.76 15.76
2073/74 10 10 20
2074/75 0 16 16
2075/76 12.75 12.75 25.5
2076/77 2 14 16
2077/78 3.5 10 13.5
2078/79 3 10.6 13.6

From the table, we can analyze that Global IME Bank has been giving out consistent dividends every year. The lowest dividend paid till the date is 5% in the year 2066/67. The highest dividend paid is  25.5% paid in 2075/76.

The bank has been giving bonus shares almost every year since 2067/68. The highest bonus share is 15.76% in 2072/73, whereas the lowest is 3 % in 2068/69.  As for cash bonuses, Global IME gives inconsistent cash bonuses as it didn’t give cash bonuses in 2069/0,2071/72, 2072/73, and 2074/75. The highest cash bonus is 12.75 whereas the lowest is 2%.

Dividend of Global IME Bank for 2077/78

The board meeting of Global IME Bank has proposed to give a 13.5 percent dividend to its shareholders. It aims to distribute 10% as bonus shares worth Rs 2.16 Arba and 3.5% worth Rs 75.7 crore as a cash dividend. This is a decrease of 2.5 % from the last year’s dividend.Up to Ashad end in 2078, the paid capital of the bank is 21.63 Arba.

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