(Earnings Per Share) EPS of Finance Companies in Nepal

EPS of finance companies

One of the crucial financial indicators of the specific company is undoubtedly something you look for when you are about to make an investment decision. Instead of investing blindly, it is important to evaluate the company’s internal strengths prior to purchasing stock. Earnings Per Share also known as EPS is a significant and popular financial metric, that aids individual investors in stock analysis.

What is an EPS in Banking?

Earnings Per Share  (EPS) is the earning of stock by one unit of share. EPS of the individual stock shows the strength of the company in a particular period of time. You can check the earnings per share of stock from their financial reports. A smart investor always picks up the stock with higher EPS. But always compare the EPS of one company with another company within the same industry.

Earnings per share (EPS) is calculated by a company’s net profit divided by the number of total shares. EPS indicates how much money a company makes for each share of its stock and is a widely used metric for estimating corporate value.

EPS of Finance Companies in Nepal

Following are the latest EPS of finance companies in Nepal. These EPS are Based on Unaudited Q4 Report (FY 2078/79)

Best Finance CompanyBFC20.17
Goodwill FinanceGFCL19.93
ICFC Finance LimitedICFC17.81
Gurkhas FinanceGUFL10.61
Guheswori Merchant BankGMFIL10.31
Pokhara FinancePFL9.73
Shree Investment FinanceSIFC9.59
Manjushree FinanceMFIL8.02
Central FinanceCFCL6.79
Janaki FinanceJFL6.24
Progressive Finance PROFL5.91
Nepal FinanceNFS5.79
Reliance FinanceRLFL1.71
Multipurpose Finance CompanyMPFL0.9
Samriddhi Finance CompanySFCL0.79

Should Make Investment Decision Based on EPS?

No, EPS is just a single indicator of the company. You have to screen other indicators such as the price-earnings ratio and return on equity. You also have to compare the quarter-to-quarter EPS, year to year growth.

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