(Earnings Per Share) EPS of Microfinance in Nepal in 2023

EPS of microfinance in Nepal

Before investing in any stocks, individual check the financial strength of the company. Therea re various indicators to analyze while making investment decision. But one of the most widely used and an important ratio is earnings per share of that company which is shortly know as EPS.

What is an EPS?

Earnings per share (EPS) is calculated by a company’s net profit divided by the number of total shares. EPS indicates how much money a company makes for each share of its stock and is a widely used metric for estimating corporate value.

EPS of Microfinance in Nepal – Based on the Unaudited Report of Q4FY78/79

CompanySymbolEPS (TTM)
Mahila LaghubittaMLBSL101.76
Forward Community LaghubittaFOWAD100.11
Nesdo Samridda LaghubittaNESDO87.04
Jivan Bikas LaghubittaJBLB75.6
National MicrofinanceNMFBS68.44
Upakar LaghubittaULBSL68.09
Swabalamban Laghubitta SWBBL62.43
Jalpa Samudayik Laghu BittaJALPA61.66
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBL49.65
Nirdhan Utthan Laghubitta NUBL46.85
Global IME LaghubittaGILB45.34
Sana Kisan Bikash BankSKBBL45.28
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBL44.42
Swabhimaan Laghubitta SMFBS43.28
Laxmi LaghubittaLLBS41.85
Kalika Microfinance KMCDB40.97
Mirmire Microfinance MMFDB39.86
Sworajgar LaghubittaSLBBL39.41
Nerude LaghubittaNLBBL38.83
Mahuli Samudayik LaghubittaMSLB38.48
Asha LaghubittaALBSL37.01
Sabaiko LaghubittaSABSL36.95
Infinity LaghubittaILBS36.24
Sadhana LaghubittaSDLBSL36.15
Mero MicofinanceMERO34.35
Mithila LaghubittaMLBBL33.83
NIC Asia LaghubittaNICLBSL33.67
Janauthhan Samudayik LaghubittaJSLBB33.52
Adarsha LaghubittaADLB33.3
Vijaya LaghubittaVLBS32.72
Summit LaghubittaSMFDB29.42
RMDC Laghubitta RMDC28.6
First Microfinance DevelopmentFMBDL27.88
Kisan LaghubittaKLBSL26.29
Naya Sarathi LaghubittaNSLB26.07
Rastra Utthan LaghubittaRULB25.58
Civil LaghubittaCLBSL25.56
Support MicrofinanceSMB24.49
Samata Gharelu LaghubittaSMATA23.26
Manushi LaghubittaMLBS21.98
Grameen Bikas Laghubitta GBLBS20.17
NMB MicrofinanceNMBMF19.51
Arambha Chautari LaghubittaAVLBSL19.16
Samudayik LaghubittaSLBSL18.1
Suryodaya Womi LaghubittaSWMF17.63
Unnati Sahakarya LaghubittaUSLB16.97
RSDC LaghubittaRSDC16.79
Manakamana Smart LaghubittaMKLB13.53
Gurans Laghubitta GLBSL13.07
Wean Nepal LaghubittaWNLB13.03
Ganapati Microfinance GMFBS12.28

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