Highest Tax Paying Companies in Nepal in FY 2077/78

Highest Tax Paying Companies in Nepal
  1. Nepal Doorsanchar Company (NTC) – 9 Arba
  2. Ncell Axiata – 8 Arba
  3. Gorkha Brewery – 4 Arba 24 Crore
  4. Nabil Bank (NABIL) – 3 Arba 97 Crore
  5. NIC Asia Bank. (NICA) – 3 Arba 61 Crore
  6. Global IME Bank (BGIME) – 3 Arba
  7. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) – 2 Arba 90 Crore
  8. Prime Commercial Bank (PCBL) – 2 Arba 43 Crore
  9. Agricultural Development Bank  (ADBL) – 2 Arba 39 Crore

Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd. was the largest income taxpayer in the country for the FY 2018-19. It is an Indo-Nepal-UK joint venture. Surya Nepal once again becomes the highest taxpayer in the country with the whopping tax amount of 9 Arba 34 crore.

Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited (NTC) comes in second place among high tax-paying companies in Nepal. NTC is the largest telecommunication company in Nepal owned by the government and public. NTC paid 9 Arba tax and made the second position in the highest tax-paying company in Nepal.

Ncell is 3rd highest tax-paying company in Nepal with the 8 Arba tax in the fiscal year 2077/78. Ncell is the leading private telecommunication company in Nepal owned by Ncell Axiata.

Gorkha Brewery paid 4 Arba 24 crore tax and became the 4th highest taxpayer of Nepal in FY 2077/78.  Similarly, Nabil Bank (Arba 97 Crore), NIC Asia Bank(3 Arba 61 Crore), Global IME Bank (3 Arba), Nepal Electricity Authority (2 Arba 90 Crore), Prime Commercial Bank (2 Arba 43 Crore), Agricultural Development Bank  (2 Arba 39 Crore) are top 10 highest taxpaying companies in Nepal.

5 Banks are among the top 10 high tax-paying companies in the fiscal year 2077/78.


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