10 Ways to Make Money From Website in Nepal – $1000/Day With Website

make money from website in Nepal

Websites are a great way to make money online. The basic idea behind websites is attracting visitors to visit the website for their products. The products may be the content, merchandise, or services. 

The best part of running a website is that it has a flexible schedule, work-life balance, and is remote-based. In addition, the pandemic has shifted people from the offline to the online world. 

This means many people are online now, which is a great boost for the websites, and their revenues are soaring.

Whether it be a shift from newspaper to online news portals or movie theaters to online movie platforms, the world is online now. So naturally, this has boosted the opportunities to work online, and a website is a great way of earning money online.

You can work on the website as a full-time or part-time employment, whatever you want it to be. A website can be monetized in a variety of ways. While some ways are more sophisticated than others, they may all perform miracles. 

In this article, we will cover the 10 Ways to Make Money From Website in Nepal.

1. Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the most popular and effective way to make money from a website. Google’s Adsense program allows websites to host advertisements for their clients and pay websites based on PPC and CPM.

To put in simple words, after you sign up to their program you will be given their codes which should be installed on a website. After that google ads are enrolled, and you get paid for every click and impression made for the ad.

The best thing about Google Adsense is that you can apply for the program even if you have low traffic. This is because Google looks for quality than quantity. So, if you have quality content in your blog but low traffic, you can still be a part of their Adsense program.

In general, the revenue of AdSense increases with the increase in traffic. But, that’s not always the case. Several factors impact your AdSense revenue, including the location and niche of your website.

For example, if you visit any websites, you would see google ads placed on the website. You can easily distinguish the google ads on the website, and if you click on them, the website owner will earn some money from them.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing and affiliate links are becoming a more common way to monetize websites and blogs. Under affiliate marketing, you can partner with an affiliate program and develop an affiliate link to propose to your audience on your website.

If one of your readers clicks on the link and purchases the goods, you will be paid a commission. The popular affiliation program in Nepal is Daraz. You can sign up for their affiliate program and earn a commission for each referral.

For example, Gadgetbyte is a popular Nepali Tech review website. It reviews smartphones, laptops, and smartwatches and recommends the products. Gadgetbyte works in affiliation with Daraz, and thus, if any customers purchase the product from the Daraz affiliate link, Gadgetbyte earns a certain commission from it.

3. Selling Service

Another popular approach to generate money online is to sell services. It’s like selling the product, but it is quite different. While selling a product, once a product is sold, the transaction is complete. However, when you sell services through the internet, you sell a continuous relationship.

You can sell several services, including Webhosting, digital marketing services, graphic designing, and so on.

For example, prabhuhost offers Web hosting and domain registration plans. It earns by selling the plans and offers after-sales service if any problem occurs.

4. Promotional Post

You can earn money by posting promotional posts on your website. A promotional post is a sponsored post, and the sponsor pays you for writing the post for them. It’s one of the marketing strategies to promote brand awareness.

You can sell sponsored content options if your website receives constant traffic. For instance, you can write an article that is partially informative but mainly promotional. It follows a regular piece of content format but has a distinct promotional tone.

For example, many top Nepali sites including Onlinekhabar.com earn a lot of money through promotional posts. The new site frequently posts about the movie release and music video releases, mostly promotional posts.

5. Selling an ad Space

Having Google AdSense on your website is not only the option to earn money from internet adverts. Another option is to sell your ad space for business advertisements.

If your blog gets huge traffic, you may get offers from the business companies to put banner ads for them. This is the way most online news portals earn money. 

You may set pricing for each space or contact the brands for the ad and negotiate the price with them.

For example, Onlinekhabar.com earns a lot of money by rolling business adverts on its website. This is because it features the brand ads on the website and gets paid for them.

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6. Sell Digital Product

If your website gets consistent traffic and has regular readers who love your content. Then, it’s high time to start selling digital products such as e-books on your website.

Most of the time, you sell your content for free to your readers. You may earn money from google ads or, say, affiliate programs, but the readers do not have to pay any money to read your content. 

The E-book is a great way of monetizing your content. However, make sure to price the e-book to a reasonable price such that readers don’t feel that you are doing this for money; just let them know that you are helping them out with more premium content but with a small fee. 

Most websites provide free content and add a link to an e-book covering more premium content. You can do that to earn some extra money.

For example, ShareGyan is a popular website that provides information about sharemarkets to new investors. It has been providing informational content to its readers and has recently launched an e-book. This helps the readers get all the information in one book, which they can easily access offline.

7. Membership

Membership has become one of the popular methods of monetizing the website. The idea is to sign up as premium members for a small fee and get the privileges that unsubscribed or non-members cannot.

If you have consistent traffic and regular visitors, you can adopt this approach. The idea behind it is very simple. The visitors visit your website because they want to read your content. 

They are charmed with it and want more. So, they are back every day to read more of your content. Thus, you can give them membership on your website for a small fee. It’s like recognition for them and providing them with premium content.

For example, Coursehero is a website that provides textbook solutions. It provides specific solutions for free, but to access the full solutions and to be able to download them; you need to sign up as a member and pay a certain fee.

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8. Sell the Online Course

The Covid pandemic has given a huge boost to online learning and online courses. You can start selling online courses through the website.

Many websites offer free or paid online courses. The students enroll in these classes to learn more about their passions and interest. They are also provided with the certificate of completion, which would add value to their CVs and career. 

Furthermore, many websites have also adopted a mixed strategy to provide free online courses but charge fees for the certificates.

For example, In Nepal, Glocalafterschool.com provides several online courses and training to students at the expense of certain fees. They also provide a certificate of completion

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9. Donation

Another way of monetizing is asking your audience for donations. This is the least popular method, but many websites practice it.

This is a more popular technique for charitable websites that do not rely on ads. It would seem greedy to ask for donations even if you have ads on your website. This could hamper your brand image.

Typically, this method entails presenting oneself as someone worth investing in or highlighting the significance of your service that makes the site deserving of donations.

For example, Wikipedia is arguably the most well-known example of a website supported by contributions. The site does not use advertising at all. Instead, it depends on the generosity of the millions of individuals who visit it every day and decide to donate them.

10. Sell Your Website

If your website has steadily built a big fan base and brand, it may be time to sell it to someone prepared to take over the reins. You can sell the website for a good price with the negotiation with the buyer.

This might seem quite an unusual way of making money from your website, but most websites do this when they feel that the website has reached its potential peak and the best financial decision is selling it.

The disadvantage is that you lose a regular source of income, but the advantage is that you receive a large lump sum payment, and you can reinvest that money in building a new website.

For example, The owners of the popular Nepali website Nepalitrends sold the website to another party for a good amount of money. The website is still there, but the ownership has changed.

Hence, there are the 10 Effective Ways to make money from the website from Nepal. You can adopt any one method or combine several methods to make money from the website. But, things to be noted is that consistency, quality, and content are key for a successful website. Once a website is successful, you can cash out money in any way. 

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