10 Ways to Make Money From Youtube in Nepal [Make $1000+ Per Month From Youtube]

How to Make Money From Youtube in Nepal

Youtube is one of the most popular apps out there. It’s half of the internet, with 1.9 billion users using this app every month. With so many users, Youtube has risen as one of the top money-making platforms. 

There are so many people who earn millions from Youtube. For example, according to Forbes, Ryan Kaji, with 41.7 million subscribers, earned around $29.5 million ( NPR 3,52,27,42,500 ) from Youtube only. 

So, with the possibility of a money-making and huge audience, people have started to start a youtube channel to make some extra cash. But, setting up a youtube channel can be easy but earning money from it is quite hard.

It depends on your content, hard work, and effort; Youtube is not a vending machine that you can cash out instantly. You would need dedication, patience, and effort. But we can definitely say Youtube is one of the best ways to make money online. 

If you have got that, then we are here to help you. While the ad seems like the primary source of Youtube earnings, it’s not the only option. There are so many other ways to earn money from Youtube.

Until the end of the article, be sure to read because we have covered 10 Effective Ways to make money from Youtube from Nepal. 

1. Google Adsense 

The first and most obvious way to earn money from a YouTube channel is Google Adsense. But, to monetize your video, you must reach the threshold of 4000 view hours and 1,000 subscribers. After meeting the threshold, you can join the YouTube Partners program and monetize your videos.

After monetizing your Youtube, you will start earning money based on the views of your videos and how many times your viewer have watched and clicked on the ad. Remember that you earn money through google ads, so your revenue depends on the interaction of your viewers with the ads.

2. Youtube Premium Membership

YouTube Premium is another way to earn some extra money. It’s like giving VIP passes to your viewers, which gives them extra privileges than the normal subscribers.

The viewers would want to stand out among those thousands or millions of subscribers by paying a bit more. This will allow them to connect with the Youtubers.

The membership fee for Youtube premium membership is around $11.99 per month. The subscription comes with many privileges such as no ads, access to youtube originals, early access to the videos, youtube music premium, and many more.

For instance, if you have watched Chinese dramas on Youtube, you would be aware of this feature. So, basically, the channel that airs Chinese dramas would put in two more episodes early for their Youtube premium members. This would urge other impatient viewers to subscribe to membership programs as they can watch the next episodes early.

3. Brand Endorsement

Brand endorsement is another profitable way to earn money through Youtube. 

You might have heard that the brands spend tons of money on ads on TV. However, people cannot be denied that they watch more Youtube than TV. So, where there are people, there are brands promoting their products.

Brands look for popular Youtubers with tons of subscribers and viewers to promote their products. This is why you can see popular Youtuber promoting certain brands. It’s because they are paid to do so.

In the case of Nepal, you probably have seen brand endorsements in Youtube channels such as M & S Vmag hunger hunt ( You can literally see coke bottles in every episode), Paradym TV (So many brands in the gift sections), Mr. Foodie Nepal, and so on.

The best part of brand endorsements is that you don’t need many views to be part of it. Obviously, the brand would love collaborating with Top Youtubers with many viewers and subscribers, but it should align with their video content.

So, if you are doing a tech review in your channel, you can reach out to tech brands for the endorsement. Since most of your viewers are tech viewers, these brands may accept your offer since it is about niche marketing. 

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4. Affiliate Marketing

So, you probably have heard ‘Link down below’ in most Youtube videos, right? That link down below is the affiliate links that most Youtubers earn commission from. So, brand endorsement and affiliate marketing might seem similar to you, but it’s very different.

In brand endorsement, you get paid for promoting the brand, but on the other hand, affiliate marketing is about promoting the product and letting the viewers buy them so that you get a certain commission when they do so. Usually, beauty bloggers, tech reviews, and food blogs channels promote certain products on their channels and recommend people to buy them.

They would provide the affiliate links and certain discounts with them so that when people buy the product, they are paid a certain commission. However, the links are usually the Amazon product links.

Unfortunately, Amazon lacks affiliate partners in Nepal, so it’s hard for Nepalese Youtubers to earn through the Amazon affiliate program. But, don’t worry, Daraz has recently implemented an Affiliate Partner Program Policy on its website, allowing Nepali YouTubers to earn extra money.

5. Product Sales

When you have a good number of views and subscribers, why sell other’s products when you can sell your own? Well, this is why the YouTubers come up with their own merchandise because they have a strong base of viewers who are their potential buyers.

For example, Gdipa, who is a beauty blogger, came up with her own cosmetic brand, Pari. She used to review beauty products provide makeup hacks and skincare routines. Now, she promotes her own brand, and it’s doing great.

Another example is Lemi, who is also a beauty blogger who came up with her own brand, Pastel beauty, and had her lipstick sold out in a matter of minutes.

Thus, you can also come up with your own product and merchandise and sell them through your Youtube channel.

6. Fan Funding

Another great way of earning money through Youtube is fan funding. So, this is a method widely used by the streamers; whether gaming streamers or mukbang streamers, they earn money through the fans’ donations.

In the case of Nepal, many game streamers are earning a good amount of money from Youtube streams and fan funding. The prominent one is 4K gaming, earning his living through the fan funding in his game streams.

So, fan funding can be a great source of earning money from Youtube.

7. License Your Content to Media

So, you got a viral video with so many views. It could be that you captured an earthquake with your video, and it went viral. The news channel needs those videos to feature them in their news section.

You can sell them your videos, and since it’s already viral, you would be paid a good amount of money for that.

For instance, when the earthquake struck Nepal in 2015, many earthquake videos got viral on Youtube with more than a million views. The news channel featured these viral videos in their channel, and the video owner was paid a good amount for that.

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8. Direct Your Youtube Videos to Your Website

Youtube is just a search engine like Google. So, you can direct your Youtube views to your blogs or website to earn more money.

Most movie sites use this strategy. First, they put the movies on youtube, and since youtube takes off the copyrighted content, they would put a fake non-copyrighted video. Then, they would provide you with the link for that movie so that you can go and watch the movie on their website.

This may sound illegal, but you can also use the same strategy for something else. For instance, you are a writer who writes novels. Thus, you can make an audiobook of your novel on Youtube and direct the viewers to your book or the website where you have originally written the article or novels. This is a great way to divert your youtube views to your website.

9. Youtube Collaboration

Youtube collaboration is a great way of earning money as well as extra viewers. You probably have seen two Youtuber collab on their channel. The idea is to grow their channels and reach out to more audiences.

While on a short-term basis, you aren’t earning much since the money made by the video would be shared among the two. But, when you look for the long term, you would definitely see a rise in your revenue since you have gotten some more viewers and subscribers.

10. Counseling

Have you ever watched Tarot reading videos? Have you got an interest in such things? If yes, you can use Youtube to get clients for your counseling sessions.

Usually, Tarot readers on Youtube give general Tarot reading for certain zodiac signs, they also provide personalized reading, but you have to contact them and pay for that session.

Even if you aren’t a tarot reader, but you are a counselor of any kind, could be a public speaker or mental or financial counselor, you can get your clients from Youtube.

A great example would be Sandeep Maheshwari, who put in motivational videos of his paid counseling sessions on Youtube. As a result, many people go to his paid counseling sessions. Why? Because they get the opportunity to put in their problems and get the solutions. This is a great strategy to increase your clients through Youtube.


Hence, these are 10 effective ways to make money from Youtube from Nepal. You can adopt any strategy which works best for you. But, as I have said earlier, Youtube is not a cash machine through which you can instantly cash out your money. You have to put in that effort and dedication to it, and soon, money-making becomes easy for you. 

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