10 Ways to Make Money on Instagram From Nepal

Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is the fastest growing social media app with more than a billion monthly active users. The app, which started as just a photo-sharing app, is now much more than that.

Basically, Instagram is pretty much the downtown of the Youths where we get updated about other’s professional and personal life. So, in short, Facebook is more like an app for older people and Instagram for the youths where they can share things that they can’t on Facebook

Apart from this, Instagram is also a great money-making app. Yes, Facebook is one of the best ways to make money online in Nepal.  People earn a lot of money from Instagram, and you can do so. We have covered 10 Ways to Make Money on Instagram From Nepal. So, make sure to read till the end.

10 Ways to Make Money on Instagram From Nepal

1. Sponsored Post

There are many instances we have come through Instagram posts with the hashtag #sponsored or #ad before. This means that the post was sponsored, and the post is some ad.

You can earn money through Instagram by becoming an Instagram influencer. Instagram influencers are people who have built a following online by posting relevant content for their audiences. Their audiences also respect their views and opinions on certain topics.

So, the brand pays them to post something about them. It could be about the products or services. Usually, brands partner with these Instagram influencers to promote them and their product.

For example, Foodie Nepal is one of the popular food bloggers, and he gets paid to feature some restaurants and leave a food review of them.

2. Brand Endorsement

While sponsored posts and brand endorsement seem similar, they differ from one another. Sponsored posts mean that the brand pays you to post something about them. So you post it, get paid, and that’s it.

But, the brand endorsement is for the long run. Brands appoint brand ambassadors who promote the company for a longer term. The brand ambassadors become the face of the brand.

Instagram is the most preferred social media for influencer marketing. So, brands appoint Instagrammers as brand ambassadors.

For example, Shrinkhala Khatiwada is the brand ambassador of Word link Nepal. So, she is featured in their advertisements, and as a brand ambassador, Shrinkala promotes the brand through her Insta stories and post. She also posts about any event launched by world link to create awareness about the brand to the audience.

Thus, you can also be brand ambassadors of the brands. You can approach them and tell them that you would take up the role of brand ambassador and create brand recognition and awareness for them.

3. Make Instagram Stories Mask and Filters

Instagram is famous for its Insta stories. You may miss the bus but not the Instagram stories. Thus, it helps you get updated on other’s personal life. On top of that, Close friends have a lot of stories to tell.

But some people put simple Instagram stories, just a bunch of them trying the Insta filter. The popularity of Insta filters has risen, especially those with a quiz or just funky dances. People love experimenting with their filters.

So, why not create the filters and sell them. Some companies make these Instagram filters to promote their products, but some brands love to collaborate with indie developers. Thus, you can get paid for making the Insta filter.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can earn money with an affiliation program on Instagram as well. To be honest, Instagram has more user engagement than Facebook since Instagram is like downtown for the youths. You got it, right?

So, you can partner with any affiliation program. For example, it could be with the Daraz affiliation program or just a small online store; then, you can promote the affiliate links in your posts or Instagram stories. Hence, anyone interested can sign up for the program or purchase goods from it.

If you do not get the offer, give them the offer. You can ping some online stores and tell them that you will bring customers to them for small commission money. Now, promote the store in your story and posts. You get paid a certain commission when someone buys the product through your link.

For instance, you are a fashion influencer, so you can wear a pretty dress that looks good on you. Then, automatically, people are going to love your outfit and ask you where you bought it from. Just link the dress from the online store you are working as an affiliate marketer and watch your bank account grow.

5. Sell Your Product

Most of the fashion influencers end up starting their own brand. It’s because of their strong influence they can convert their followers as potential buyers.

The perfect example of this is the makeup artist Lemi. Lemi had instant fame for her makeup skills through Instagram. She used to post her makeup finished look on Instagram, and that’s how she started. But, look at Lemi now; she went from a normal makeup artist who posts on Instagram to working for International brands.

Now, she has her cosmetic brand named Pastel Beauty, and she promotes her brand solely through Instagram. She shared her products on Instagram, and her products were sold off in minutes. She has also started her fashion store named Jade Nepal, and she doesn’t miss a chance to promote her store in her Insta post.

Thus, you can also use your Insta profile to promote your brand and sell your product. But, don’t feel demotivated just because you got a small number of followers. Remember, big castles are built with small bricks.

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6. Redirect Traffic to Other Sites

Instagram is also a great way to redirect your traffic and views to other sites, such as the website or Youtube. In addition, many people use Instagram to update about new posts or new videos on their Youtube channel.

So, you just posted a new video on Youtube; you can post that on your story and direct your views to Youtube. Many celebrities and Youtubers do this. For example, movie stars use Insta stories and post to promote their new film and direct Instagram users to Youtube teasers or trailers of their new movies.

For instance, Lemi’s order for pastel beauty was all through Instagram. So she redirected her Instagram followers to her website from where they could purchase the product. Most of them even didn’t know about the website at all.

Thus, you can use Instagram as a gateway to your websites or Youtube channels. You can also put your Youtube channel link or website on your Instagram description. So, if anyone is stalking your profile, they would also stalk on your Youtube channel and your website.

7. Create a Visual Content Portfolio

Instagram was actually launched just for visual content. It was just a photo-sharing app before it started messaging and interaction features. But, hopefully, Instagram has maintained its essence, and that’s where the term Instagram-worthy pictures come from.

So, if you are a photographer or visual content creator, you can use Instagram as the platform to showcase your talent. Just show off your skills, build the audience and then sell them for a good amount of money.

For instance, you are a digital artist, and you can post some of your work on the Insta feed and build an audience who loves your work. Then, slowly you can get commissioned for the same work you do. The same goes for street photographers or portrait photographers.

Make Instagram your visual and public portfolio. Then, when your skills reach the people that acknowledge your talent, you might get hired, or you can start monetizing them.

A perfect example would be Studiosarcastic. This quirky brand started from Instagram as well. The brand owner was just a random digital artist who shared her digital art of Harry Potter on Instagram. People loved the art and started asking her to make products out of it so that they could use her art. Slowly, she built a brand out of it. Who knows, you could be next.

8. Sell Digital Products

As I have said earlier, you can use Instagram as your digital portfolio. Use Instagram as the front display of the stores. Once you have gotten the potential customer, redirect them to your marketplace.

You can sell your arts, digital arts, photos to the people interested in purchasing them. Also, you can offer online courses, recipe books, ebooks, and so many things for a good amount of price.

Since your followers acknowledge your skills, they would sign up for those online courses or buy the book. Hence, you can earn money by selling digital products from Instagram. 

By the way, if you are new to the stock market, buy the Share Gyan ebook here. It is a must-read ebook for beginners.

9. Promote Your Online Store

Instagram is a great marketplace where you can promote your online store and increase your customers. In addition, there is sponsored ad feature that allows you to promote your product to your target audience.

Honestly, the engagement on the ad is better than other social media since Instagram is mostly used by the youths who are more into online shopping. So, you can promote your store online and maximize your sales and profit.

The best thing about Instagram is you do not even need to go for a sponsored post. Instead, you can randomly follow people who would be aware of your shop and may accidentally follow you too. This trick is very budget-friendly since you can connect with many people without spending a penny. 

The only downside is that you might have a bit bad brand impression. One thing, don’t message them to check out your store. Never, it’s the creepiest thing to do. Just a follow is enough.

10. Become Social Media Manager

The social media manager is a very important job these days. Brands promote their product through social media, and they are looking for people to manage their social media accounts. Obviously, they are looking to manage the Instagram account as well.

You can apply as the social media manager and promote their brand through social media accounts. Your responsibilities may include:

  • Posting Instagram stories and posts.
  • Replying to comments
  • Replying to customers queries
  • Creating visuals for Instagram
  • Giveaway and other promotion campaigns
  • Keeping track of ad campaign stats
  • Increasing the number of the audience

You can take this position by applying to the vacant job openings. This is because there are so many vacancies for social media managers, and they will rise in the future.


Hence, these are effective ways to make money from Instagram from Nepal. But, of course, you can use any strategy that works best for you. 

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