Nepali Banks With Free CASBA Service – FREE CASBA

Nepali Banks With Free CASBA

CASBA is a centralized Application Supported by Blocked Amounts (ASBA). CDS and Clearing limited implemented an advanced form of ASBA system called C-ASBA on Falgun 11 2074. ASBA enables individuals to apply for shares through their banks. AS the technology gets more advanced, now investors can buy IPO, FPO, Right Shares, Mutual Funds, Debenture online through the Mero Share service.

C-ASBA is a kind of centralized system that links all the BFI’s which provide ASBA related services. The computerized system allows individuals’ data to be linked with the Beneficiary Owner’s ID (BOID).

In this article, we are going to list down the Nepali Banks With Free CASBA services. The majority of banks charge different CASBA charges ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100. However, some banks do not charge CASBA which are listed as follows.

Commercial Banks With Free CASBA Charge 

Banks Code CASBA Charge
Mega Bank MEGA Free
Nabil Bank NABIL Free
NIC Asia Bank NICA Free
Rastriya Banijya Bank RBB Free

CASBA Charge Free of Development Bank 

Garima Bikas Bank GBBL Free

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Which bank has free CASBA service?

Following commercial banks provide free CASBA service as of Feb 2022.
  1. Mega Bank
  2. Nabil Bank
  3. NIC Asia Bank
  4. Rastriya Banijya Bank

Which development bank has free CASBA service?

As of December 2021, Garima Bikash Bank has a free CASBA service.

Which bank charges a higher CASBA fee?

As of December 2021, Standard Chartered bank charge the highest CASBA fee that is Rs 100 per application. This is the highest CASBA fee among Nepali banks.

Will the CASBA fee be deducted when IPO is not alloted?

Yes, CASBA charge will be deducted from the bank even if you do not get allotted.
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