Nyadi Hydropwer IPO Date and IPO Details

Nyadi Hydropower IPO

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Nyadi Hydropower Limited is issuing an Initial Public Offering from Asoj 15 to Asoj 19. The company is issuing 22,50,000 units of total shares to the general public.

The company had issued 15,00,000 unit IPO shares to the project-affected locals of Lamjung District and 3,00,000 units IPO shares to the employees of promoters institutions in Bhadra 2078.

Nyadi Hydropwer IPO Details

Total IPO – 22,50,000 Units
IPO Worth  – Rs 22.50 crore
Date – 2078 Asoj 15 – 19
For Mutual Fund – 1,12,500 Units (5%)
For Employees  – 45,000 Units (2%)
For General Public – 20,92,500 Units
Rate – Rs. 100/ Share
Issue Manager –  Global IME Capital Limited
How much to apply – Max. 50,000 Units – Min 10 Units.
Rating – CARE-NP BB (IS) [Pronounced Double B (Issuer Rating) .i. e. Ngadi Group Power Limited has a moderate degree of safety regarding timely servicing of financial obligations in Nepal.
How to Apply – You can apply through Mero Share online or from the ASBA member Banks and Financial Institutions.

Short Details of Company

Nyadi Hydropower Limited is a public company that was established on BS. 2063/11/17. It is promoted by Butwal Power Company Limited (BPCL) and Lamjung Electricity Development Company Ltd. (LEDCO) for setting up a 30 MW run-of-river, Nyadi Hydropower Project (NHP) in Marshyangdi Municipality, Lamjung district of Nepal.

Nyadi Hydropower Limited (NHL) was established to develop Nyadi Hydropower Project in the consortium of the Butwal Power Company (98.19%) and the Lamjung Electricity Development Company Limited (1.81%).

No. of Share Registered – 15,000,000 Units
Paid Up Capital – 1.5 Arba
Public Promoter Ratio – 27% – 73%
Unaudited EPS:  -1.87,  FY 77/78
Unaudited Net Worth Per Share: 91.55, FY 77/78

Projected Ratios 

Ratios FY 78/79 FY 79/80 FY 80/81 FY 81/82
EPS (Rs) 1.96 13.72 16.79 19.86
Networth/Share (Rs) 96.10 109.83 121.62 133.98
Technical features of the project
Type of the project Run-of-the River
Project location Bahundanda VDC, Lamjung District
Dam site Naiche, Bahundanda Ward 6
Powerhouse site Thulobesi, Bahundanda Ward No.6
Installed Capacity 30 MW
Average annual energy 168.5 GWh
Gross head 333.9 m
Design flow 11.02 m3/s
Catchment area at intake site 154.7 km2
Design Flood Discharge 509 m3/s (100 Yrs Flood)
Settling basin 62 m (L), 8 m (W), 18 m (H)
Length of Headrace tunnel 3.840 km
Turbine type Vertical Axis Pelton
Turbine Installation 2 nos. with 15 MW capacity
Transmission Line 6 km long of 132 kV capacity
Construction period 4 years

References – http://nhl.com.np

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