What is Opening Price Range of Balephi Hydropower?

Opening price range of balephi hydropower

What is Opening Price Range of Balephi Hydropower?

Opening Price Range of Balephi Hydropower is Rs. 93.64 to Rs. 280.92. This price range is determined as per the book value of the financial report of 2077/78.  The audited final book value of Balephi Hydropower according to the FY 2077/78 is Rs. 93.64.

How opening price range is determined?

Nepal stock exchange (NEPSE) determined the opening price range of new stock based on the book value of company. For example, if book value of the company’s latest audited report is 100 then the opening price range will be 100 – 300. The minimum price should be same as book value and maximum price will be book value x 3.

About Balephi Hydropower IPO

Balephi Hydropower issued Initial Public Offering (IPO) for general public from 16th Chaitra to 21st Chaitra. The total of 18,27,970 shares were issued at a par value of Rs. 100 per unit. 4% of the total issue, i.e. 73,119 units were allocated for employees while 5%, i.e. 91,398 units were allocated for mutual funds. The rest 16,63,453 shares were for the individual public.

According to CDSC, 22,64,378 applicants applied for a total of 2,61,71,390 units. With this number, the issue was oversubscribed over 15.73 times. As a result, only 1,82,797 applicants will be allotted with 10 shares each.

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