Opening Price Range of Himalayan Hydropower

opening price range of himalayan hydropower

If you got the 10 units of IPO from the general public of the affected area, then you probably want to know how much will be the opening price range of Himalayan Hydropower limited.

What is the opening price range of Himalayan Hydropower?

The opening price range of Himalayan Hydropower Limited is Rs. 76.33 to Rs. 228.99 as per the financial report of fiscal year 077/78. In this fiscal year, the earnings per share (EPS) stands a -15.12 with a net loss of 1,31,544,000 as you can see in the following report. However, the ratio seems to be improved as of the fiscal year 2078/79.

financial ratio of himalayan hydropower

How opening price range is determined?

Nepal stock exchange (NEPSE) determines the opening price range of new stock based on the book value of the company. For example, if book value of the company’s latest audited report is 100 then the opening price range will be 100 – 300. The minimum price should be the same as the book value and the maximum price will be book value x 3.

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IPO Details

  • Number of Shares Issued –  19,68,250 units
  • Value – Rs. 19.68 crores
  • Opening Date – 2022-06-29 10:00 AM
  • Closing Date – 2022-07-03 5:00 PM
  • Issue Manager – Global IME Capital Limited
  • Rating – [ICRANP-IR] B+

The proceeds from the proposed equity would be utilized for the development of the 11.88MW Namarjun Madi hydroelectric project.

About Company

Himalayan hydropower Limited was incorporated as a private limited company on 2061 Mangsir 22 BS and later converted into the public company as Himalayan Hydropower Limited on 2074 Baishak 28. The company’s paid-up capital was ~NPR 664 million as of June 2019. The paid-up capital of the company reached Rs. 1.09 Arba after the IPO issuance.


  • Mr. Khom Bahadur K.C. (~20%)
  • Mr. Min Bahadur Khadka Chhetri (~6%)
  • Mr. Sudhir Yadav (5%),

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