Opening Price Range of Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower

Opening Price Range of Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Company

What is Opening Price Range of Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Company (ULKHC)?

The opening price range of Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Company Limited is from Rs. 97.87 to Rs. 293.61. Nepal Stock Exchange will determine this opening price range based on the audited financial report of fiscal year 2078/79. The Net Worth Per Share of the ULKHC is Rs. 97.87. According to the report, the earnings per share of the company stands at Rs. -0.59 and reserves and surplus also -4676000. Check the following financial statement of the company.

Financial ratio of uppor lohore khola hydropower

About Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower

Upper Lohore Khola

Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Company Limited is a hydropower development company.The company was  incorporated as a private limited company on 2074/07/15 BS and was later converted into Public limited company on the 23 day of Ashadh, 2078 pursuant to Companies Act, 2006. The main objective of the company is to generate hydropower electricity through optimal use of water resources, which ultimately fulfills the demand of electricity of the country. The company is setting up small hydropower project namely Upper Lohore Khola Hydropower Project having installed capacity of 4.00 MW in Dailekh District in Karnali Province of Nepal.Upper  Lohore Khola Hydropower Project will generate 21.22 GWh energy annually. The project area is located between 1055m and 1305m above mean sea level. The Head works, penstock alignment and the powerhouse area is located at left bank of the Upper Lohore Khola of Naumule Rural Municipality ward no. 3.

How is the opening price range determined?

Nepal stock exchange (NEPSE) determines a new company’s opening price range based on the company’s book value (net worth per share). The net worth is taken from the company’s audited financial report issued during the IPO issuance. For example, if the book value of the company’s latest audited report is 100 then the opening price range will be 100 – 300. The minimum price should be the same as the book value.

What is a special pre-open session?

A special pre-open session is a trading time for newly listed stock. When a new company gets listed in NEPSE for the first time, its share is traded in the special pre-open session for the first time. After trading in the pre-open session, its share starts to change in the continuous session which is 11 AM – 3 PM.

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