Salary of CEOs of Commercial Banks in Nepal

Salary of CEOs of Commercial Banks in Nepal

You are here to know about the salary of CEOs of commercial banks in Nepal. As CEO is one of the most prestigious as well as challenging positions, many people want to know how much exactly they get paid. Talking about Nepali commercial banks, the salary of a CEO is way higher than any other job position in Nepal. Well, the following are the salary of the CEO in Nepal in private banking.

1. Agricultural Development Bank
CEO – Govinda Gurung
Salary – Nrs. 41,00,000

2. Nepal Bank 
CEO – Krishna Bahadur Adhikari
Salary – Nrs. 54,42,916

3. Citizens Bank 
CEO – Ganesh Raj Pokharel
Salary – Nrs. 1,31,90,000

4. Kumari Bank
CEO – Surendra Bhandari
Salary – Nrs. 2,38,31,000

5. Machhapuchhre Bank
CEO – Santosh Koirala
Salary – Nrs. 1,28,61,000

6. Nepal Bangladesh Bank
CEO – Gyanendra Dhungana
Salary – Nrs. 1,41,00,000

7. Nepal Investment Bank
CEO – Jyoti Prakash Pandey
Salary – Nrs. 3,06,34,000

8. NMB Bank
CEO – Sunil KC
Salary – Nrs. 1,74,09,000

9. Sanima Bank
CEO – Bhuwan Kumar Dahal
Salary – Nrs. 1,84,15,000

10. Bank of Kathmandu
CEO – Shivandev Panta
Salary – Nrs. 2,56,27,000

11. Century Commercial
CEO – Tulasi Ram Gautam
Salary – Nrs. 1,57,18,000

12. Civil Bank
CEO – Govinda Gurung
Salary – Nrs. 1,14,91,000

13. Everest Bank
CEO – Gajendar Kumar Negi (including higher-level management)
Salary – Nrs. 3,70,71,000

14. Global IME Bank
CEO – Ratna Raj Bajracharya
Salary – Nrs. 1,39,78,000

15. Himalayan Bank
CEO – Ashoke SJB Rana
Salary – Nrs. 2,79,77,000

16. Laxmi Bank
CEO – Ajay Bikram Shah
Salary – Nrs. 1,15,15,000

17. Mega Bank
CEO – Anupama Khunjeli
Salary – Nrs. 1,10,50,000

18. Nabil Bank
CEO – Anil Keshary Shah
Salary – Nrs. 2,45,02,000

19. NCC Bank
CEO – Ramesh Raj Aryal
Salary – Nrs. 1,52,37,000

20. Nepal SBI Bank
CEO – Dipak Kumar De
Salary – Nrs. 1,74,91,000

21. Prabhu Bank
CEO – Ashok Sherchan
Salary – Nrs. 3,42,30,000

22. Prime Commercial
CEO – Narayan Das Manandar
Salary – Nrs. 2,06,00,000

23. Standard Chartered
CEO – Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar
Salary – Nrs. 2,76,22,000

24. Sunrise Bank
CEO – Janak Sharma Poudyal, Suman Sharma (Current)
Salary – Nrs. 1,35,05,000

Note: Suman Sharma is the newly appointed CEO, he received only half of his salary.

Commercial Bank CEO Salary Table

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The above salary table is prepared on the basis of FY 2077/78.

CEO as Position

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is one of the renowned and best positions for any firm. CEO leads the organization as per his long-term and short-term vision to achieve the organizational goal. CEO is not only a sensitive and supreme position but also a highly paid position. In Nepal, a commercial banks’ CEO earns a good amount of money when compared with other positions. Besides, net salary, the CEO gets various allowances, bonuses, and extra facilities such as fuel, driver, vehicle maintenance, festival allowances, etc.

Some of the Common Queries

Top 10 Highly Paid CEO of Nepal

  1. Ashok Sherchan – Prabhu Bank – Nrs. 3,42,30,000
  2. Jyoti Prakash Pandey – Nepal Investment Bank – Nrs. 3,06,34,000
  3. Ashoke SJB Rana – Himalayan Bank – Nrs. 2,79,77,000
  4. Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar – Standard Chartered – Nrs. 2,76,22,000
  5. Shivandev Panta – Bank of Kathmandu – Nrs. 2,56,27,000
  6. Anil Keshry Shah – Nabil Bank – Nrs. 2,45,02,000
  7. Surendra Bhandari – Kumari Bank – Nrs. 2,38,31,000
  8. Narayan Das Manandar – Prime Commercial – Nrs. 2,06,00,000
  9. Bhuwan Kumar Dahal – Sanima Bank – Nrs 1,84,15,000
  10. Dipak Kumar De – Nepal SBI Bank – Nrs. 1,74,91,000

How Much Does CEO of Nepali Bank Earn?

CEOs of Nepali commercial banks earn between 40 lakhs to 350 lakhs per year. However, this range keeps changing from bank to bank and year to year.

Who is the Highest-Paid CEO of Nepali Bank?

According to the latest data on the fiscal year 2077/78, Ashok Sherchan CEO of Prabhu Bank is the highest-paid CEO in Nepal. He received Nrs. 3,42,30,000 from the bank in 2078.

What is the Salary of CEO of the Bank?

There is a difference in the salary of CEO between government banks and private banks. The government bank’s CEO paid less than that of a private bank. On average, a private bank’s CEO earns between 40 lakhs to 350 lakh per year. 

How much is the Salary of CEO of Nabil Bank?

In the fiscal year 2077/78, CEO of Nabil Bank Anil Keshry Shah received Nrs. 2,45,02,000. This includes net salary, allowances, bonuses. Nabil Bank is one of the top banks that pays a good amount of money to its Chief Executive Officer.

How much is the Salary of CEO of Global IME Bank?

In the fiscal year 2077/78, CEO of Global IME bank Ratna Raj Bajracharya received Nrs. 1,39,78,000. This includes net salary, allowances, bonuses.

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