Swet Ganga Hydro Issuing IPO From Shrawan 4 For General Public

Swet Ganga Hydro IPO

Swet Ganga Hydropower and Construction Limited is issuing Initial Public Offering (IPO) from Shrawan 4th to general public. The company had recently concluded the IPO for affected area.

Swet Ganga is set to issue 23,89,500 units share worth of Rs. 23,89,50,000 which is 15% of total issued capital 1 Arba 59 Crore and 30 lakhs. Among the total issued shared, 5% (1,19,475 units) is aside for mutual funds. Remaining 22,70,025 units will be distributed to the general public

The early closing date of the IPO is Shrawan 8th however, if the issued is not subscribed, date will be extended up to the 18th of Shrawan.

Sanima Capital has been appointed as issue  manager. Applicants can apply for minimum 10 units to maximum 10,000 units. The IPO received the rating of ‘CARE-NP BB (IS)’. The rating indicates that it has moderate risk of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligations in Nepal.

About the Company

Swet Ganga Hydropower & Construction Limited (SGHCL) was registered in Department of Industry on 17 Falgun 2061 (28 February 2005) in Kathmandu Nepal as per the prevailing Company Act of Nepal Government. SGHCL is a sister organization of Sanima Hydro Group. It is special purpose vehicle (SPV) to develop and implement Tallo Likhu Jalvidhyut Aayojana with installed capacity of 28.1 MW. The project is a Run-of-River (RoR) type project lying at Ramechhap and Okhaldhunga District.

The entire project area lies in Likhu Tamakoshi Rural Municipality of Ramechhap District on the right bank of Likhu River. However, the left end of the diversion Weir touches left bank of Likhu River which lies at Likhu Rural Municipality of Okhaldhunga district. The electricity generated from the project will be connected to national grid through 23 km long, 132 kV transmission line at new Khimti substation.

You can check the opening price range of Swet Ganga Hydropower and Construction

Capital Structure of Swet Ganga Hydropower & Construction Limited

Authorized Capital 1,60,00,00,000
Issued Capital 1,59,30,00,000
Current Paid-Up Capital 1,11,51,00,000
Capital after IPO Issuance to Locals and General Public 1,59,30,00,000

Shareholding Structure of Swet Ganga Hydropower & Construction Limited

Number of Shares Amount Percentage
Promoters Shareholders                  1,151,000.00    115,100,000.00 70%
Company/ Project staffs/ Workers                      793,500.00       79,350,000.00 5%
Project-affected Locals                  1,593,000.00    159,300,000.00 10%
General Public                  2,389,500.00    238,950,000.00 15%

Promoter shareholders of Swet Ganga Hydropower & Construction Limited

  • 1. Sanima Hydropower Limited
  • 2. Sanima Hydro And Engineering Pvt. Ltd
  • 3. Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited
  • 4. Dolma Impact Fund I
  • 5. NRN Infrastructure And Development Ltd
  • 6. Sanima Bank Limited
  • 7. Jaya Ganesh Investments Pvt. Ltd
  • 8. Obsor Investment Company Limited
  • 9. Shanti Niraula

Project Information

Name of Project Tallo Likhu Jalvidhyut Aayojana
Type of Project Run-of-River
Installed Capacity 28.1 MW
Electricity Generation License received Chaitra 18, 2077
Generation Valid Date Chaitra 27, 2107
RCOD Mangsir 15, 2078
Total Cost in Rs 6,37,20,00,000
Cost per Megawatt in Rs. 22,67,61,566

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