Upcoming Right Shares in Nepal in 2079 (2023)

upcoming right share in Nepal

Here is the list of upcoming right shares in Nepal that are in SEBON’s pipeline. These companies have submitted their initial application for the right share issue. After approval from the securities board of Nepal (SEBON), these companies can issue the right share to the public. You can also check out the list of Upcoming IPOs in Nepal.

Upcoming Right Shares – Date Confirmed 

1. Barun Hydropower Company

Sector: Hydropower

Date: 2022 Aug  22 – 2022 Sept 11
No of Shares: 2,679,075.
Ratio: 1:1
Amount of Share: Rs. 267,907,500
Issue Manager: RBB Merchant Banking

Upcoming Right Share in Nepal – Approved

1. Radhi Bidyut Company

Sector: Hydropower
No of Shares: 9,535,760.99
Ratio: 1:1.4752
Amount of Share: Rs. 953,576,099.00
Issue Manager: Muktinath Capital

Upcoming Right Share in Nepal – Pipeline 

1. Narayani Development Bank

Sector: Banking
No of Shares: 2,624,676
Ratio: 1:1
Amount of Share: 262,467,600
Issue Manager:  Global IME Capital

2. Arun Kabeli Power

Sector: Hydropower
No of Shares: 18,552,105.00
Ratio: 1:1
Amount of Share: 1,855,210,500
Issue Manager:  Nabil Investment Banking

Right Share Pipeline Status Source – SEBON

What is Right Share?

Right Shares are the issuance of shares that can be only bought by existing shareholders. As the name suggests, only existing shareholders have the primary right to buy the share of that company. However, if issued right shares are not fully subscribed, they are old in the auction.

Right Share Issue

Right Share Bylaws

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