Worldlink Invests in Khalti and Owns 40% Stake

Worldlink Invests in Khalti

Nepal’s leading ISP Worldlink communications invests in Khalti digital wallet. After this investment, Worldlink Communications owns 40% stake in Khalti Digital Wallet. Worldlink has expanded its internet service across the country reaching all 77 districts. The company aims to expand financial access to the rural and deprived regions with the collaboration of Khalti. This is by far, one of the biggest investments in a fintech company in Nepal.

Worldlink Invests in Khalti

“Worldlink is expanding its internet service to both rural and urban areas. Collaboration with Khlati will stand as a milestone for the promoting of ICT access in Nepal” says Dileep Agrawal, Chairman and Managing Director of Worldlink. He also believes that this collaboration will help to achieve the aim of Digital Nepal by connecting rural areas with the internet and promoting financial accessibility.

“Promoting financial accessibility throughout the country is the main objective of Khalti, and the collaboration with Worldlink will make it much easier” says Amit Agrawal, Co-founder of Khalti.

Worldlink is the nation’s leading internet service provider founded in September 1995. The company has been expanding its services to the rural part of Nepal and to remote villages. WorldLink is working towards availing internet to the underprivileged people in remote areas to bridge the gap between the connected and not connected.

Khalti on the other hand is one of the leading digital payment wallets that is in the service since 2017. Khalti is a digital payment company licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank for digital payment and remittance services.  More than 200 employees are working at Khalti for building a reliable and effective digital payment system. There are more than 20 lakh registered users of Khalti and more than 90% of Bank and Financial Institutions are registered with Khalti.

As Nepal is slowly moving towards the digital culture, this joint collaboration of the leading ISP and Digital wallet will surely make a big impact on digital financial literacy. WorldLink’s trust in a young company like Khalti is an inspiration for other startups, and to those youths who are planning to start something in Nepal itself. It also establishes the culture of investing in local startups by local firms.

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