15 Ways Make Money Online in Nepal [Actionable Tips to Make $1000+ Per Month]

Make Money Online in Nepal

So, you want to buy that beautiful dress you have screenshotted for so long or do you want to gift some lovely gifts to your angry girlfriend? Whatever be the reason, who doesn’t like to earn some extra money?

With the increasing inflation in Nepal, it’s hard to save up money, and we have been there. So we are looking for some side hustle jobs to make some extra money. So whether to save or meet your financial goals faster, you are here to find some great side hustles.

You have come to the right place. This article presents you with 15 ways to make money online in Nepal. So, let’s dive into it.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the best side hustle to make money online in Nepal. Freelancing allows you to work flexible hours and from anywhere. This means that you can work and earn extra money without hampering your 9-5 job.

There are many freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and so on from where you can get your freelance project. For example, you can be a freelance content writer, graphic designer, or app developer.

The opportunities are limitless. Also, you can find several Nepalese companies offering you freelance jobs.

2. Youtube

Let’s accept the truth that Youtube is now a full-time career for many. However, Youtube is a great side hustle for people just starting.

If you have a passion for anything like food, tech gadget reviews, make-up product reviews, or just a reaction video, you are one step behind earning that extra money. However, there are so many niches from which you can choose.

Youtube is the best side hustle to earn some extra money. But, make sure you have patience, dedication, and effort while doing Youtube. 

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3. Tiktok

A famous TikTok star once said he earns 1 lakh per live stream. So while it may sound fake, Tiktok is a great place to earn extra money.

No, I am not just talking about live streams only. Of course, people earn money on TikTok through live streaming, but we are talking about product sales and affiliate sales here.

TikTok viral has skyrocketed in many restaurants and shops; it shows how much potential this app has and how much customer engagement it has. So, Tiktok can be a great side hustle to start affiliate marketing. The best way to earn money.

Let me give you a small example; a TikTok user would always review products from the shops with her mini haul and review videos. She initially started the TikTok channel with her purchases. Slowly, she gathered several followers, and now, she reviews the top PR packages that she gets from the brands and shops. You can do that too.

The best part of Tiktok is using it any way you can. You can use it for entertainment purposes or brand promotion and affiliate marketing. The opportunities with this app are limitless.

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4. Stock Market Investing

The trend of investing in the share market has increased in the past few years. The lockdown has made the Share market one of the top side hustle jobs.

So, the idea is compounded interest. The extra money you put in your bank takes years to double, but it’s a matter of days in the share market. But, not to forget that there is a high risk for high return.

If you have a bit of financial knowledge and luck, the share market can be a great side hustle. You have to purchase the share at a price and sell when it is higher than your purchase price, or purchase the shares and get dividends each year.

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5. Pathao | Tootle – Ride Sharing

Pathao/ Tootle is another great side hustle in Nepal. You need to have a bike and a valid license; you are good to go.

The idea behind Pathao and Tootle is ridesharing. So, when you are going somewhere alone, the backseat of your bike is usually vacant. Thus, the idea is to share the ride with the Pathao clients and get paid.

Pathao has emerged as one of the popular ridesharing apps due to the covid and lockdowns. So, you can try signing up for Pathao /Tootle for extra money.

6. Tutoring

Tutoring is a great side hustle job for students as well as teachers. You can give tuition to academically weak students and get paid for it.

You can sign up for the tuition centers or directly contact the parents for the tutoring service. There are plenty of ads on Facebook for home tuition tutors. You can also sign up for online tutoring sites.

7. Influencer Marketing

Are you a social media influencer? Or do you have the numbers in your Instagram account? If you have then, you definitely can try out influencer marketing.

Under influencer marketing, you would be given PR packages, and you have to promote them. You can reach out to the brand itself, saying how you can be their brand endorser, and they would make your brand face. Know more about How  Influencers Make Money.

8. Affiliate Marketing

You can also start affiliate marketing to earn some extra money. The main idea under affiliate marketing is recommending the product to others, and when someone buys or gets a service, you get the commission.

You probably might have heard people giving affiliate links, and then they tell you to put their code to get a certain percentage discount. That’s affiliate marketing, and through that affiliate code, they get paid a certain amount of money. You can also do that.

There are several affiliate programs in Nepal, including Daraza and Esewa. You can sign up for their affiliate program. Also, there is an affiliations program in the colleges as well. If you bring certain students to college, they will pay you some commission.

9. Blogging

Blogging is another great option to make Money Online in Nepal. You can start blogging on your favorite niche. There are plenty to choose from, choose which are you interested in and have knowledge about. Then, you can start writing blogs generating good traffic to your blog and finally monetize it.

There are several monetizations for the blogs, but the most popular is Google Adsense. Google Adsense will pay you based on the views and clicks on the ads. 

Remember that patience is key in blogging, and you won’t start earning from the start. First, you have to write content to generate traffic, and then, you can easily earn money.  

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10. Insurance Agent

So, if you are good at convincing people, you can be an insurance agent. It is the best side hustle job to do. As an insurance agent, you have to bring clients to the insurance company, and you would be paid a certain commission.

The possibilities in this area are limitless. People earn a lot of money being an insurance agent, and it’s even a full-time job for some time of them. So, give it a try.

You can go to any insurance company and join their agency program to become an agent. Don’t worry; they will guide you, and you have to get training, pass a test, and then get your certified insurance agent certificate before starting as an insurance agent.

11. Bug Bounty

Are you a tech genius? Then this job is just right for you. You probably have seen a post relating to bug bounty and how many Nepalese have found the bugs in popular tech companies and were awarded a handsome sum of money.

Yeah, so the idea is looking for any bugs in the websites. The deal is that if you report bugs, particularly security exploits and vulnerabilities, you get paid certain compensation. Not only that, but you would also get national and international recognition. 

BugV is the first official bug bounty platform in Nepal started with the vision to improve the security infrastructures in the country. It is the vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform that connects businesses with penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers. Know about how to get started with bug bounty.

12. Podcast

The podcast is getting popular in Nepal. So if you love speaking and have that weight in your speaking, then podcast can be a great side hustle for you.

There is no need to spend a lot of money to start a podcast. You may start your podcast if you have a basic microphone, a laptop, and free recording software. Then, you can upload your podcast on google podcasts or just on youtube.

Remember how Saigrace became so popular through his storytelling audiobooks? Who knows, you could get popular as well. Take that first step. All the best.

13. Online Course Selling

Do you have specific topic knowledge? Then, you may provide your talents or expertise online with a little bit of fee.

You can conduct an online seminar or workshop to teach people. The main idea is to start the free and once you have reached a certain number of people attending to your course, make it paid.

You can sell your expertise with a nominal fee, and you would have some extra money in your pocket. You can also sign up your courses for online courses, or you can freelance. It’s upon you.

There is website Digital Gurkha, where you can upload your course and make money. Digital Gurkha takes care of all the technology and marketing husstle. Technical team at Digital Gurkha help from the dedicated team for creating course. You just need to prepare your topic to build the course. There is already wide range of courses from stock market to graphics designing, website desigining, digital marketing, communication skills and so on.

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14. Teach Languages Online

Are you good at English? Then, go and teach people English. It is probably one of the most demanded jobs in Nepal since most Nepalese are going abroad.

You can sign up for IELTS/PTE teacher or just a basic English teacher to someone who doesn’t know English. You can teach them online or in physical classes. It’s up to you. But, it’s a great side hustle for people who are good at English. 

Not only English but you can also make tutorials about any language.

Barsa Basnet from Learn Nepali With Barsa is teaching Nepali languages on her Youtube Channel. She also makes money from the online course selling on Udemy. Check her course “Nepali Language for Beginners” here.

15. Sponsored Posts

You can earn money through sponsored posts and product reviews. So, this is similar to brand endorsements, but instead of the brands, you would also sponsor the posts or any form of news or notice.

Facebook pages like Routine of Nepal Banda and Meme Nepal earn a lot of money for sponsored posts. It can be anything, movie promotion post, music video promotion post, or anything like the opening of a new branch or shop.

If you have the numbers on your Facebook page or Instagram page, you can earn extra money through a sponsored post. Check how to make money from Instagram from Nepal.


Money-making is not easy. Don’t fall for those online scams that tell you you can easily earn money online. You can, but you have to put extra effort to earn that extra money.

Thus, these are some of the side hustles that can help you earn some extra money and help you reach your financial goal faster. But did we miss something we shouldn’t have? Comment down below. 

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