List of Broker Offices in Pokhara – Stock Broker List

List of Broker Offices in Pokhara

Stock Brokers are essential for any stock trader. Without a broker account, no one can sell or buy their shares in the. secondary market. In Nepal, there are 50 registered stocker brokers all across the country. Most of them are located in the Kathmandu valley. However, there are many stock broker companies that are providing services out of the Kathmandu valley.

If you are looking for stock brokers in Pokhara city, then we have prepared the list of stock brokers along with their contact details. This list is not a ranking of the stock brokers in Pokhara, but just a list of Stock Brokers. You can pick the nearest broker as per your preference.

Broker Offices in Pokhara

1. Thrive Brokerage House Pvt Ltd

2. Premier Securities

3. Trishakti Securities Public Limited

4. Kohinoor Investment & Securities

  • New Road, Pokhara Branch
  • Broker Number – 35
  • Phone – 061-534445
  • Email –
  • Web –

5. Kumari Securities

6. Nepal Stock House Pvt. Ltd

7. Investment Management Nepal (IMN)

  • Newroad-9, Pokhara
  • Broker Number – 53
  • Phone – 01-61537944
  • Email –
  • Website –

8. Trishul Securities And Investment Limited

  • Newroad-9, Pokhara
  • Broker Number – 29
  • Phone – 061-523901
  • Email –

What is a stock broker?

Stock brokers are licensed firms that sell and buy stock as per the individual’s order. A stock broker is responsible for selling and buying stocks and settle the amount and shares of individual investors. In short, stock broker acts are an intermediary role between stock buyers and sellers. They buy the stock as per the buyer’s order and sell stock as per the seller’s order. One important task of stock broker is to settle the amount between sellers and buyers. For all the intermediary tasks, brokers charge certain fees from investors. You can check the latest broker commission in Nepal.

How Many Stock Brokers Are There in Pokhara?

According to the data found on the internet, as of 2021, there are 8 stock brokers providing stock trading services in Pokhara. However, there might be other stocker brokers also which are not listed on the internet. If you have such information please feel free to suggest us. We will definitely include it in this list of Broker Offices in Pokhara.

Which is the Best Broker in Pokhara?

This is a very difficult question that we get almost every day. All the brokers focused on providing the best possible service to their clients. All you need to do is build the best relationship with the broker office, staff. As you make a strong relationship with the broker office, it builds long-term bonding with each other. You can any broker listed above. All of them are the best.

List of Broker Offices in Pokhara in Table

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