Nepal Army Salary Range With Rank in 2081 From Recruit to Army Chief

nepal army salary range

The government of Nepal had decided to increase the salary range of government employees in the fiscal year 2079/90. The minister of the council has already passed the proposed salary structure for the employees.

With this decision, now the government servants will get an increased salary from all sector employees including Nepal police, government teachers, and other government servants. This decision is effective from Shrawan 1, 2079.

The Nepal Army Salary range can be calculated from the below table. The government added 15% to the existing salary scale. The salary of the Nepal army ranges from the highest Nrs. 77,211 to lowest Nrs. 24,702. Check out the latest salary range of the Nepal army below.

Nepal Army Salary with geade rate

DesignationNepali MeaningSalary
COAS Generalप्रधान सेनापति Nrs. 77,211
Lieutenant Generalरथी Nrs. 74,221
Major Generalउपरथी Nrs. 72,082
Brigadier Generalसहायक रथी Nrs. 60,950
ColonelमहासेनानीNrs. 56,787
Lieutenant Colonel
प्रमुख सेनानीNrs. 52,279
सेनानीNrs. 48,737
सह-सेनानीNrs. 47,196
Honourable Captain
मानार्थ सह-सेनानीNrs. 42,964
उप सेनानीNrs. 45,103
Second Lieutenant
सहायक सेनानीNrs. 43,689
Honourable Lieutenant
मानार्थ उप सेनानीNrs. 42,355
Subedar Major

प्रमुख सुवेदारNrs. 40,998
Warrant Officer First Class
सुवेदारNrs. 34,730
Warrant Officer Second Class
जमदारNrs. 32,856
हुद्दाNrs. 28,520
अमल्दारNrs. 27,612
Lance Corporal
प्यूठNrs. 26,634
सिपाहीNrs. 26,082
रिक्रुट Nrs. 24,702
Non Combanentनन कम्बानेन्ट Nrs. 24,702


What is the highest post salary in Nepal Army?

The highest post in the Nepal army is COAS General, which is known as Pradhan Senapati in Nepali. The highest salary is Nrs. 77,211 received by the COAS General. This salary does not include the other services. 

Brief Introduction About Nepal Army

The Nepalese Army (नेपाली सेना), formerly Gorkhali Army (Nepali Gorkhali Sena) and The Royal Nepalese Army (Nepali Sahi Sena), is the military land warfare force of Nepal. Nepali Gorkhali Sena originated from the Gorkha Kingdom of Nepal.

The army was formerly known as the “Gorkhali Army” during the unification of Nepal and later as “The Royal Nepalese Army” during the monarchy period in Nepal. Besides, defending the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Nepal, the Nepalese army is the most active when it comes to natural disasters like earthquakes, landslides, fires, and other natural calamities.

Despite having an army job, they are actively involved in rescue missions. They are also supporting the nation in national development, nature conservation, and participating in international peacekeeping missions.

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