Fixed Deposit Interest Rate in Nepal in 2081 [2024]

FD interest rate in Nepal

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate in Nepal for Commercial Banks

Interest rate of the Commercial Banks have changed from the previous month. Commercial banks have published their fixed deposit interest rate for the month of Ashad. The updated interest rates of the bank for the month of Ashad 2081 are as follows.  This rates will be effective from Ashad 1, 2080

Fixed Deposit Interest Rate for Baishakh 2081

Bank interest rate

Which Bank Gives the Highest Interest Rate for Fixed Deposit

NMB Bank provides the highest interest 7.97%  for fixed deposit as per the latest fixed deposit interest rate published by the bank.  Likewise, NIC Asia bank gives 7.75%, Citizens Bank International gives and Himalayan Bank gives 7.5%. You can check the individual interest rates of the commercial bank as given above and below. According to the latest report Agricultural Development Bank provides the lowest interest rate i.e. 5.66.

The interest rate for institutional and individual client is different. You can check the latest interest rate of the commercial banks from the link mentioned below.

Interest Rate link

Please visit the individual bank’s official link to learn more about interest rate details

  1. Sanima Bank – Interest Rate Details
  2. Prime Commercial Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  3. NMB Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  4. Nabil Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  5. Kumari Bank Bank – Interest Rate Details
  6. Rastriya Banijya Bank – Interest Rate Details
  7. Siddhartha Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  8. Nepal Investment Mega Bank – Interest Rate Details
  9. Machhapuchhre Bank – Interest Rate Details
  10. Everest Bank – Interest Rate Details
  11. Agriculture Development Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  12. NIC Asia – Interest Rate Details
  13. Nepal SBI Bank –  Interest Rate Details 
  14. Himalayan Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  15. Prabhu Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  16. Kumari Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  17. Nepal Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  18. Citizens Bank – Interest Rate Details 
  19. Standard Chartered – Interest Rate Details


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What is a fixed deposit?

Fixed Deposit, also known as FD in short, is a deposit account at the bank for a fixed period of time. It is also known as the term or time deposit. Fixed Deposit entitles individual investors to fixed interest payment and returns of the deposited amount after maturity. Bank offers higher interest rates on FD than saving and current accounts as the money is available for a longer period of time for the bank to use it. Fixed deposit is suitable for senior citizens, pension holders, and retired people who do not need money immediately.

What is the fixed deposit rate in Nepal?

The rate of fixed deposit is not fixed however there are between 7% to 11% interest has been provided by banks and financial institutions in Nepal. The. fixed deposit rates are different from one bank to another.

Why fixed deposit interest rate matters?

The fixed deposit rates have several direct and indirect impacts on the economic circulation in the country. The rate of interest provided by the bank and financial institution will severely impact the bank’s liquidity, stock market, loan, and other economic activities.

In fact, interest rates have an inverse proportional relation with the stock market. When banks raise their FD interest rate, low-risk taker investors prefer to save their money in the bank FD rather than invest in the stock market.

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