CRN Number Not Registered Problem – How to Solve?

How to solve CRN Number Not Registered

In recent times many Mero Share users are facing an issue that says “CRN Number Not Registered Problem. Please make sure your ASBA bank has registered your CRN number is C-ASBA“. This problem occurs when you apply for an IPO. So, you are here to know how to solve this problem.

What is CRN Number Not Registered Problem?

This usually occurs if you have recently activated the CRN with Mero Share. For a first-time user, this problem occurs because your bank account is not linked with your Demat account. Basically, C-ASBA Registration Number/Client Registration Number links your Demat account with your respective bank account. The following diagram explains the function of CRN.


How to Solve it?

If this problem is caused due to the ASBA bank (not renewed on time in SEBON), then ASBA Member bank will automatically solve the problem. They have to renew the ASBA membership every fiscal year end. ie. Every ASBA member bank has to renew in the Asar month.

If this is not the case. The problem might occurred in two cases,

1. Are you a first-time Mero Share user?

If you are activating Mero Share for the first time then you have to make sure that CRN (C-ASBA Registration Number/Client Registration Number) is linked to your Demat account. You have to contact your bank to link the Demat with the bank. Please visit the nearest bank for your CRN number registration. Generally, Mero Share and CRN services will be provided by your bank (from any branch).


  • Visit or contact your nearest bank branch
  • Ask for CRN to register in C-ASBA
  • Keep the CRN safely

2. Are you an Existing Mero Share user?

If you are an old Mero Share user and this problem has occurred only this time then it will be solved automatically. This issue has been happening due to the technical problem of Mero Share system. In recent times, there are over 40 Lakhs + Mero Share users in Nepal. As the number of users growing the system is getting massive real-time requests. so, in this case, the “CRN Number Not Registered” occurs.


  • Log out your Mero Share account and log in and try
  • Wait for some time and try applying again
  • To avoid traffic, you can apply at night time after 10 PM or early in the morning before 5 PM
  • If this problem does not solve within 24 hrs, then contact your bank or bank capital

So, this is how you can overcome the “CRN Number Not Registered problem in Mero Share”. I hope you find this article helpful. To know more tips and issues related to the stock market in Nepal, you can read other articles in the Tips section of Share Gyan.

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