ME Not Logged in Problem in TMS – How to Solve?

ME Not Logged in Problem in TMS

If you are using NEPSE’s online trade management system called TMS, you might have encountered one common problem. In fact, this is one of the most occurred problems during stock trading in TMS. It says “ME Not Logged in”. In this article, we are going to talk in detail about this issue.

What is the “ME Not Logged in” Problem?

“ME Not Logged in” occurs when there is no connection between the broker’s TMS and Nepse Online Trade System (NOTS). In order the execute the trading, there must be a connection between these two servers. An error message (“ME not logged in”) will be displayed while placing an order if the respective member admin terminal is not DNA logged in.

How to Solve ME Not Logged in?

While you place an order, your broker’s admin terminal must be logged in to DNA. Sometimes, because of the heavy load in the broker’s TMS, the server can not handle the traffic. In this case, the terminal should be restarted and reconnected. It takes a little time to establish the connection between Trade Work Station and the Exchange. 

So, in this case, what you can do is wait for some time, and place an order.

NOTE: DNA login enables connection between Trade Work Station and the Exchange.



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