How to Solve Duplicate BOID Error in TMS?

how to solve duplicate BOID error

While submitting online KCY in the TMS system, you might encounter errors like the “Duplicate BOID Error” & “Duplicate Citizenship” error. This article will help you how to solve these issues.

What is Duplicate BOID Error in TMS

Duplicate BOID error in TMS is a common problem that every new client face while submitting the KYC online. This issue arises due to multiple entries of the same person’s BOID in the TMS system. According to the prevailing law, a person can have only one TMS account. So, due to this rule if the broker already submitted your BOID through a physical form then “Duplicate BOID Error” occurs at the time of online KYC submission.

How to Solve Duplicate BOID Error in TMS?

To solve this problem, you have to send an email to your respective broker mentioning the following information. Once your broker gets the email, they can respond back to you with the solution.

  • BOID / Demat Number
  • Client Code

In many cases, this problem is solved by brokers themself. You can even leave the BOID blank and submit the rest of the documents and information. You can get access to the FAQs section of Nepse here to know more about it.

Likewise, if you encounter a “Duplicate Citizenship” error then you can email your respective broker with the following details.

  • BOID / Demat Number
  • Client Code
  • Correct Citizenship No
  • Correct Citizenship Issue Place
  • Correct Citizenship Issue Date (in AD)

If you have other complaints regarding various subject matters, you can contact the following extension number.

  • Telephone Numbers (+977)-01-4250755, 4250756, 4250757, 4250758, 4250596 Ext:- 0
  • Email –

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